A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

NOTE: This build is a very rough alpha, eventually a better version will be uploaded soon that contains better sprites, backgrounds and more! So far, the first few scenes have sprites scripted and several of the first scenes haven't been completely edited!

On Tamarin, a country of Caladria, there's a robotic company called Aeris Robotics. This demo follows the adventures of four members: Amarika Erinovelle, Akino Haramori, Fuyuki Kiyodera and Sakuya Kazakiri.

Who knows what will happen with these robot freaks around!


Lead dev/writer/temporary sprite art: Feinerine

Writer: DeeEks

Editor: Tristan 'Cipher' Hallihan

Music: Alec Shea

Chibi CG artist: Phae

Scripter: Zelan

Programmer: XinYuzu

Proofreader: Daemon


CaladriaRobotics-0.3.1-pc.zip 164 MB
CaladriaRobotics-0.3.1-mac.zip 149 MB


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I like the art, very cute. 

Thank you very much!